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Waste audits: an important step towards optimal management of your residual materials.


S3R offers waste audit consulting services to support your company in its environmental waste management. Everything you throw away has a cost, for the environment and for your business. 


Working with waste consultants can help you cut management costs, reduce your environmental footprint and optimize your internal processes, leaving you more time for day-to-day operations. 

Whether it's waste, recyclables, organics or residues, S3R's expert consultants can help you assess your waste management performance and target the appropriate interventions to improve it. Our team's waste management audits will answer the following questions:

  • How can residual materials be optimally stored? 
  • How can collection costs be reduced and controlled? 
  • What actions can improve your company's commercial recycling?
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What are waste audits?

A waste audit consists in assessing the quantity and type of waste produced by a company. It is a preliminary diagnosis before implementing a waste sorting and recycling solution. The waste audits help, among other things, to assess contamination in each stream, what could have been recycled, and what should not have been recycled. This assessment helps formulate appropriate residual waste collecting solutions and implement effective solutions for companies, who are responsible for the waste they produce right through to final treatment.

Become more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Companies often decide to carry out waste management audits in order to:

  • Improve their sustainability record due to environmental concerns and values. 
  • Reduce costs. Properly implemented waste reduction projects are usually cost-effective. 
  • Improve team satisfaction and commitment.
  • Meet the requirements of supply chain partners or other partners - Supply chain partners and other partners are increasingly asking companies to provide information on their waste reduction efforts, particularly in requests for proposals.
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Why should you use waste audit services for your company?

Hazardous, mineral and non-mineral waste is often not optimally recycled. To improve recycling, your company's recycling audit is a crucial first step. It enables you to: 

  • Understand the quantity and types of waste produced;
  • Identify waste management costs;
  • Define the most appropriate waste recovery solutions.

Our waste consultants will take the time to understand:

  • How the company operates and the materials it uses
  • How and by what waste is produced in the company's various sectors
  • What materials are reused or discarded
  • How recycled materials are separated 
  • Current waste reduction efforts

The information provided by waste audits enables a company to better understand its waste management. It can then identify more precisely the waste it produces, how to optimize its recovery and draw up an action plan in line with its needs.


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How can waste audit companies can benefit your company's health?

First and foremost, waste audits are good for the environment. According to a report by the province's Auditor General, only 15% of waste from companies and organizations is diverted (reused, recycled or composted). These figures show that this is far less the case in the residential sector, where 50% of waste is diverted.

Waste audits consulting services can also drastically reduce your waste management costs. With the rising cost of materials, it's more important than ever to manage resources efficiently and promote recycling and waste recovery. It's useful, even essential, to carry out an audit of your company's waste management in order to prepare a waste management plan adapted to your needs. 

A waste audit by a team of experts can help you better assess the nature of your needs. A site visit, identification of materials, analysis of equipment, existing management system and flows, and cost estimates all help to design a coherent and appropriate action plan. 

Contact one of our waste consultants today to discuss how S3R can help you better manage your residual materials.

Cost reduction

To achieve quick savings for you, S3R will analyze all your current collection and disposal contracts and invoices.

This review give us a good understanding of your situation.

In the following month, you'll be able to benefit from our expertise and solutions while drastically reducing your waste management costs, regardless of waste type.

  • Review of rates and contracts
  • Working tools for a complete analysis of disposal data
  • Presentation of achievable savings
  • Quick implementation of new terms

Waste management optimization

In the second phase, our teams of consultants will continue their optimization work to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. By maximizing the recycling of some materials and the recovery of others, your company will improve its environmental performance while generating additional savings and new revenues.

  • Optimization of your disposal services for every waste type
  • Evaluation of your service requirements and needs
  • Evaluation of your disposal equipment
  • On-site evaluation of your facilities
  • Presentation of our recommendations and solutions.
  • Alternative solutions to landfill


From the start of our partnership, we'll support you in the management of your residual materials. S3R will be responsible for implementation of solutions, discussions with your current and new suppliers, the disposal plan and related training.

  • S3R handles implementation of the selected solutions
  • Waste disposal plan and workplace awareness
  • Possibility of consolidated billing

Monthly monitoring

S3R will assist you throughout our partnership. Each month, we'll carry out a due diligence review of all your invoices. In this way, we can ensure that the existing suppliers respect the new terms and services put in place.

  • Review of your invoices
  • Savings report
  • Diversion rate performance
  • Guaranteed savings and proven solutions

Our services

As Canada's only fully independent firm, S3R empowers you to embrace sustainable waste management and economize through circular economy services, significantly diverting waste from landfills.

Get support from S3R’s waste management consultants and save money while reducing your environmental footprint.


Generate savings by optimizing company waste management and commercial recycling. S3R reduces your environmental footprint through commercial recycling.


S3R offers a recycling service for your company’s distribution centre, warehouse or even production facility.

S3R implements better disposal solutions so that you can lower your costs, divert as much waste as possible from landfill and reduce your environmental footprint for the benefit of your business and the entire community.

Rigorous management of hazardous waste at all levels of the operation is necessary to comply with current government standards. Proper commercial hazardous waste disposal requires proper planning, appropriate equipment and experienced waste consultants.

Leverage S3R's waste audit services to streamline your business's waste management approach. Discover ways to cut costs and lessen your environmental impact, fostering more efficient daily operations.