About us

What is S3R?


S3R is the only independent company in Canada allowing you to optimize your residual materials management. Since 2010, our innovative solutions have helped more than 1,000 companies reduce their disposal costs for all their residual materials.

Our expertise allows our clients not only to save several thousand dollars annually, but also to divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill. Our business model, based on sharing the savings that our solutions generate, gives our client an efficient, risk-free way to use our services.

With our ecosystem of more than 700 partners, our agreements, our preferential rates and our expertise, S3R is the only partner capable of advising you properly when it comes to:

  • Putting in place the best agreements for the residual materials disposal based on your needs.
  • Selecting and purchasing new equipment.
  • Recovering your residual materials.
  • Tracking and monitoring your invoices.
  • Continuously optimizing your residual materials management.
  • Training your employees.
  • Implementing a comprehensive plan for more efficient management of your residual materials.

Your trusted partner

S3R is a trusted partner that can help you better manage landfill costs and regain control over your residual materials management.

Our expertise allows us to offer you innovative solutions that can be easily integrated into operational processes.

You'll have peace of mind: while we manage your waste, you can manage your business.


S3R in numbers

Diverted waste

More than 120,000 tonnes of waste
diverted from landfill
each year



More than 1,000 clients in
all business sectors


Your average savings

Greatly reduce waste

management expenses


700 business partners

Improve your environmental footprint

  • Align your practices with the principles of sustainable development and eco-responsibility
  • Take part in the circular economy
  • Become an eco-responsible company