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Hazardous waste management: toxic waste disposal solutions


Rigorous management of hazardous waste at all levels of the operation is necessary to comply with current government standards. Commercial hazardous waste disposal requires proper planning, appropriate equipment and experienced waste consultants.

A recycling company such as S3R can assist you in the analysis of your residual materials and support you in your management solutions such as chemical recycling, solvent recycling as well as various other types of hazardous residual materials.


What is hazardous waste?

The Government of Canada defines hazardous waste as waste that, because of its nature or quantity, may pose a threat to human health and/or the environment and requires special disposal techniques to eliminate or reduce the risk.

Hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials have properties such as flammability, corrosivity or inherent toxicity. When released into the environment, these wastes and materials can pose a variety of risks, such as burning skin on contact or contaminating groundwater, surface water and soil.

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Hazardous waste and hazardous recyclable materials can come from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Used batteries
  • Computers and other electronic equipment
  • Detergents
  • Paints
  • Pesticides

What S3R offers in hazardous waste disposal services.

Is your waste really dangerous? Toxic waste disposal is often a challenge and our team of experts can support with waste recycling solutions adapted to your situation.

As a trusted partner for hazardous waste management, it is our duty to ensure environmental compliance. We therefore ensure that we meet all regulations for the collection of hazardous waste at all times. Finding sustainable waste management solutions also remains, at all times, a priority from the analysis to the implementation of adapted solutions.

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Residual waste management, including toxic waste disposal, presents more challenges.

High disposal costs:

  • One of the biggest challenges for waste management companies in canada is the high cost of disposal. The cost of sending waste to a landfill or recycling facility can be significant and businesses often struggle to find ways to reduce these costs.

Lack of recycling options:

  • Another challenge is the lack of recycling options available to businesses. Many businesses struggle to find appropriate recycling options for certain types of waste, such as hazardous or hard-to-recycle waste.

Difficulty managing hazardous waste:

  • Hazardous waste management can be particularly challenging for businesses, as it requires strict adherence to regulations and the use of specialized facilities. Businesses may have difficulty identifying, storing, transporting, and disposing of hazardous waste properly, which can result in potential environmental and financial risks.

Difficulty finding the right hauler:

  • Finding a reliable and cost-effective hauler to meet a company's specific waste management needs can be difficult. Companies may have difficulty comparing prices and services between haulers and may find that their current hauler does not offer the level of service or flexibility they require.

Lack of contract transparency and flexibility:

  • Companies may find that their current carrier contracts are restrictive and inflexible, with little transparency on costs and services provided. This can make it difficult for businesses to make informed decisions about their waste management practices and lead to dissatisfaction with their hauler.

Difficulty tracking and measuring performance:

  • Companies may have difficulty tracking the performance of their waste management activities and measuring the results of their efforts. This can make it difficult to identify areas for improvement and optimize waste management strategy.
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How can S3R support the management of your company’s commercial hazardous waste disposal?

Dangerous or not, your waste must be treated. S3R offers waste valorization services, including an audit of your company's residual materials to understand the nature of your waste and find waste recycling solutions adapted to your situation. Hazardous waste management doesn’t have to be complicated.

Implement better disposal solutions while reducing your costs and diverting thousands of tons of waste from landfill.

Our services

As Canada's only fully independent firm, S3R empowers you to embrace sustainable waste management and economize through circular economy services, significantly diverting waste from landfills.

Get support from S3R’s waste management consultants and save money while reducing your environmental footprint.


Generate savings by optimizing company waste management and commercial recycling. S3R reduces your environmental footprint through commercial recycling.


S3R offers a recycling service for your company’s distribution centre, warehouse or even production facility.

S3R implements better disposal solutions so that you can lower your costs, divert as much waste as possible from landfill and reduce your environmental footprint for the benefit of your business and the entire community.

Rigorous management of hazardous waste at all levels of the operation is necessary to comply with current government standards. Proper commercial hazardous waste disposal requires proper planning, appropriate equipment and experienced waste consultants.

Leverage S3R's waste audit services to streamline your business's waste management approach. Discover ways to cut costs and lessen your environmental impact, fostering more efficient daily operations.