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Waste Management Consulting: Save Money While Reducing your Environmental Footprint


Would you like to get support from our waste management consulting services? S3R’s team of qualified consultants can help you optimize your waste management according to your company’s situation, needs and objectives.

We’re a waste management consulting firm with a proven track record, having worked with more than 1,000 companies. Our team is known for a collaborative, analytical approach that saves businesses money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Feel confident with S3R's Waste Consultancy Service

Are you dissatisfied with your current agreements and residual materials management costs? Our consultants will support you every step of the way, from an initial analysis to implementation and then monthly monitoring. Don’t worry about negotiating with suppliers or writing reports; we take care of everything.

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S3R and its waste management consultants offer you the following:


  • We have a track record based on our utmost respect for industry standards and our credibility and skills.
  • We deploy an agile approach that ensures a quick response. We constantly adapt to ensure your business can succeed and grow.
  • We demonstrate integrity in everything we do. We’re committed to your satisfaction, and this moral commitment is based on the principles of fairness and transparency. We’re committed, individually and collectively, to providing you with the best rates and terms in the marketplace.
  • We demonstrate leadership and commitment to ensure an exceptional customer experience throughout a collaborative process designed to optimize your waste management.

Become more efficient, economical and ecological.

The value proposition of our waste management consultants is strongly rooted in our business model: to provide more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly services. The support you receive from our waste management experts, no matter what your issues are, will be in the form of customized best practices.

Our team can help you:

  • optimize the efficiency of your processes and free internal resources;
  • reduce your disposal costs by 40 to 80%; and
  • improve your environmental performance so that you can become more ecoresponsible.
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S3R has a social mission: to make a difference for local businesses and the environment. Guiding your company toward optimized industrial waste management could certainly result in significant savings but also a shift to ecoresponsible practices, benefitting the community and enhancing your reputation.

Managing your company’s residual waste calls for an environmental approach, namely optimizing raw materials according to the best practices of ecoresponsibility. Our customized solutions allow us to divert more than 120,000 tonnes of waste from landfill a year.

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Save money with no financial risk.

We optimize your waste management through cost reduction; you assume no financial risk because our compensation comes directly from the amounts you save.

In addition to offering a partner network, in-depth knowledge of market conditions and waste-recovery and recycling expertise, S3R can address your monthly service rate, calculation of charges, administration fees and fuel surcharges. Our waste management consultants’ proactive management and innovative approach mean you can cut costs but also generate new revenues by recovering materials.

Take the leap to optimization, like thousands of other businesses.

S3R starts by gaining a thorough understanding of your company’s specific issues. Our 360-degree expertise and experience in a multitude of industries allow us to advise you on waste management with confidence.

We’re proud to have contributed to the success of companies such as:

  • The Centre de bénévolat et moisson Laval: savings of $13,000 on residual waste management costs;
  • Horizon Group: harmonization of the billing process, new service agreements and lower rates;
  • Krinos: optimization of waste management costs with 75% savings; and
  • Sage: 85% cost reduction and 7% of waste diverted from landfill.

The success of these collaborative efforts is due to our dedicated team of waste management consultants. Make an appointment with us today to discuss your situation.

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Cost reduction

To achieve quick savings for you, S3R will analyze all your current collection and disposal contracts and invoices.

This review give us a good understanding of your situation.

In the following month, you'll be able to benefit from our expertise and solutions while drastically reducing your waste management costs, regardless of waste type.

  • Review of rates and contracts
  • Working tools for a complete analysis of disposal data
  • Presentation of achievable savings
  • Quick implementation of new terms

Waste management optimization

In the second phase, our teams of consultants will continue their optimization work to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. By maximizing the recycling of some materials and the recovery of others, your company will improve its environmental performance while generating additional savings and new revenues.

  • Optimization of your disposal services for every waste type
  • Evaluation of your service requirements and needs
  • Evaluation of your disposal equipment
  • On-site evaluation of your facilities
  • Presentation of our recommendations and solutions.
  • Alternative solutions to landfill


From the start of our partnership, we'll support you in the management of your residual materials. S3R will be responsible for implementation of solutions, discussions with your current and new suppliers, the disposal plan and related training.

  • S3R handles implementation of the selected solutions
  • Waste disposal plan and workplace awareness
  • Possibility of consolidated billing

Monthly monitoring

S3R will assist you throughout our partnership. Each month, we'll carry out a due diligence review of all your invoices. In this way, we can ensure that the existing suppliers respect the new terms and services put in place.

  • Review of your invoices
  • Savings report
  • Diversion rate performance
  • Guaranteed savings and proven solutions

Our services

As Canada's only fully independent firm, S3R empowers you to embrace sustainable waste management and economize through circular economy services, significantly diverting waste from landfills.

Get support from S3R’s waste management consultants and save money while reducing your environmental footprint.


Generate savings by optimizing company waste management and commercial recycling. S3R reduces your environmental footprint through commercial recycling.


S3R offers a recycling service for your company’s distribution centre, warehouse or even production facility.

S3R implements better disposal solutions so that you can lower your costs, divert as much waste as possible from landfill and reduce your environmental footprint for the benefit of your business and the entire community.

Rigorous management of hazardous waste at all levels of the operation is necessary to comply with current government standards. Proper commercial hazardous waste disposal requires proper planning, appropriate equipment and experienced waste consultants.

Leverage S3R's waste audit services to streamline your business's waste management approach. Discover ways to cut costs and lessen your environmental impact, fostering more efficient daily operations.