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Choose sustainable waste management for your company


S3R implements better disposal solutions so that you can lower your costs, divert as much waste as possible from landfill and reduce your environmental footprint for the benefit of your business and the entire community.

Sustainable waste management refers to the collection, transportation, recovery and disposal of different types of waste in such a way as to preserve the environment. A sustainable and efficient environmental waste management system must incorporate feedback loops, focus on process optimization and remain agile at all times.

Are you familiar with the various residual materials generated by your company?

According to the Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec, the expression “residual material” is a generic term covering several large families of waste, including hazardous and non-hazardous materials, biomedical waste, pesticides and fertilizing residues. Many companies aren’t aware that they have materials that could be recycled and recovered.

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For example, did you know that electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world, driven by constant technological advances? S3R can recycle a wide range of such materials, including :

  • Computer components
  • Computer peripherals
  • Generators
  • Mainframe computers
  • Office equipment
  • Personal computers
  • Printers
  • Telephones
  • Telephone systems and
  • Much more

Our solutions facilitate the recycling of electronic waste, as well as many other types of waste. Whether your company is in the food, retail or printing industry, we can find waste-recovery services tailored to your needs.

Combining ecology and economy creates many advantages for your company

Sustainable waste management, a key concept of the circular economy, involves the collection, sorting, treatment, recycling and recovery of residual materials. Some waste is recovered and reclaimed through a cyclical rather than linear model.

Eco-responsible management has many advantages:

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  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased revenues through recovery programs


  • Innovative processes
  • Productivity gains
  • Improved efficiency of internal resources
  • Reduction of diverted waste


  • Employee engagement and pride
  • Improved relationships with partners
  • Increased knowledge


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced credibility and reputation
  • New business opportunities
  • Potential increase in market share

We don’t waste time, especially not yours

You don’t need to invest a lot of time if you choose to work with S3R. After only one meeting and a visit to your facility, our experts can establish an action plan for sustainable waste management adapted to your company.

  • Step 1: Analysis of your situation
  • Step 2: Presentation of a range of disposal options
  • Step 3: Selection of solutions
  • Step 4: Cost reduction
  • Step 5: Optimization of your waste management
  • Step 6: Implementation of the solutions
  • Step 7: Monthly monitoring

S3R guarantees a return on investment with minimal involvement on your part. In only one month, you could see your waste management expenses drop significantly. Whatever your situation, we can find solutions that save you time, resources and money while improving your environmental footprint.

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We can support you in your choice of equipment

S3R is a waste management company with a 360-degree approach. Are you lacking equipment or do you want to replace equipment? Our experts can help you find what you need.

After analyzing your company’s existing industrial waste management process, we’ll evaluate what you need and what you should replace or purchase to improve your environmental record, such as:

  • Front-loading containers
  • Rear-loading containers
  • Roll-off bins
  • Sorting islands
  • Compactors
  • Roll-on/roll-off containers

Collaborate with a team committed to the future of the planet

S3R is a team of passionate people. Our managers and our entire team of consultants are more than ever determined to reduce the environmental footprints of Quebec companies through waste management plans adapted to the reality of their industries.

“We chose to embark on the S3R adventure because landfill costs have an impact not only on society but also on a company’s bottom line. The solutions we propose have the potential to divert hundreds of thousands of tonnes from landfill while reducing our clients’ waste management costs by 40 to 80%. At a time when we’re all concerned about the climate crisis, S3R offers a concrete solution that can be implemented quickly,” said Daniel Ringuette, S3R’s Vice-President, Operations.

Contact us today to discuss solutions for your company’s sustainable waste management plan.

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