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Your choice of waste management equipment is important: S3R is here to help you.


S3R is a consulting waste management company with experts who can advise you on the purchase of solid waste management equipment and recycling machines in order to promote sustainable waste management solutions for your company.

It is important for your business’ operations to have the right size and type of indoor and outdoor waste equipment for collecting and transporting residual materials. The correct waste disposal equipment can increase the efficiency of your commercial waste disposal program, ensure worker safety, and reduce contamination. Responsible waste management starts with a good understanding of the nature of your residual materials and the right waste disposal equipment. Recycling services and hazardous waste disposal services must be accompanied by waste disposal equipment adapted to your needs and the type of waste your company generates.

How do you carefully choose the right equipment to optimize your company's waste management?

When choosing waste management equipment, it is important to consider different factors to ensure that the equipment is right for your company's specific needs.

Our waste management consultants will consider the following factors:

Different types of materials may require different types of waste equipment. For example, you may need a compactor to handle large quantities of cardboard, a baler to handle plastics, or a pallet recycler to recycle wood pallets.

Ultimately, the best way to choose solid waste management equipment is to work with a waste management and recycling machinery consultant who can assess your specific needs and recommend the best options for your business.

What are the most commonly used machines?

The effectiveness of your company's industrial waste management relies on the right choice of recycling and waste machines. Our waste management consultants are knowledgeable and can guide you in the purchase of solid waste management equipment. Here are the five most common types of waste equipment:

Compactors are used to compress and compact waste materials, thereby reducing the volume of waste and facilitating its transportation and disposal. This equipment is commonly used for businesses that generate large amounts of waste, such as manufacturing or distribution centers.

Extensive waste management diagnosis; our expertise.

For responsible management of residual materials, it's essential to address environmental waste disposal. Your company can achieve this by implementing energetic recovery techniques for industrial waste, which not only minimizes environmental impact but also promotes responsible waste management practices. Whether you need waste management audits, adapted recycling services or complete waste valorization services, S3R's consultants can support you from diagnosis to purchase, including quality control.

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