Entreprise: Sager |

Sager achieves 85% savings through new service agreements and optimal waste recovery.

The Challenge:

Sager’s main challenge regarding its waste management solutions was to optimize its recycling program in order to recover certain residual materials and generate additional revenues.

The company needed an integrated solution capable of addressing the different waste streams.

Facing serious issues with its suppliers, Sager urgently wanted to change consultants and negotiate new agreements at the best rates in the market.

The Solutions:

  • Management and negotiation of service agreements with a new supplier offering the best prices in the market.
  • Implementation of a recycling solution for various residual materials to generate new revenues and divert waste from landfill.

Client's Quote:

We knew it was imperative to negotiate new agreements, but we didn’t know the market rates. S3R handled all the discussions with the previous supplier and the negotiation of new agreements. Their support allowed us to not only free ourselves from long-standing unfavorable agreements, but also to realize significant savings on our recyclables.

The Impact:

85% savings on the company's waste management costs
72% of waste diverted from landfill
Addition of a strict clause in the supplier’s agreement in case of poor service