S3R unveils a new brand identity and a new website

Laval, Quebec, August 24, 2022 – S3R, a consulting firm specializing in cost reduction related to residual materials management for businesses, today unveiled a new brand image and a new website. S3R, founded in 2010, has done a strategic rethink of its positioning and retained the web agency Shooga to assist with the creation of its new visual and digital identity.

The Company’s new image reflects the simplicity and efficiency that characterize its service offering, while evoking its positive impact on the environment. The new logo includes an interactive icon in the shape of a switch. When the icon is activated, the platform transforms itself to reflect the improved reality of the companies that benefit from S3R’s expertise: a world where residual materials management becomes simple, intelligent and optimal, while generating savings and positive impacts for the environment. The minimalist typography symbolizes the simplicity of the S3R approach and the custom-made iconography illustrates the progress and innovation that the Company’s values and vision embody.

The new positioning can be seen on the new S3R website. The completely revamped site offers a user-friendly experience to businesses seeking a better understanding of the benefits of optimized waste management. With a wide range of useful information and advice, the site raises awareness of the relevance of the thoughtful approach and specialized support that can reduce the cost of residual materials disposal and divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill.

“By highlighting the effectiveness of our approach through the graphic design elements developed by our creative consultants, S3R’s new image embodies our values and mission. In addition to highlighting the savings we generate for our clients, it was important to express our forward-looking vision. The new and predominately green palette perfectly illustrates our contribution to the circular economy and our positive impact on the planet,” explained Jean-François Paquin, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

“Our new site exudes modernity, consistent with our business model based on sharing with our clients the savings generated by our solutions,” added Jean-Philippe Jutras, President of S3R. “Our way of doing things is up-to-the-minute; it reflects the B2B trend of offering an easy, risk-free way to use our services.”

About S3R
S3R is the trusted partner of Canadian companies faced with the ever-rising cost of residual materials management. With a multidisciplinary, complementary team of consultants, S3R offers simple, effective support to help its clients save money and shrink their environmental footprint.

Jean-François Paquin
Vice President, Sales and Marketing