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Call us or send us an email. One of our representatives will contact you to plan a short 10-minute meeting to present our services and show you how we can start the cost-saving process. Start saving today!

Our expert analysts are working with you and for you. Your initial time commitment is only a few minutes. Furthermore, we take on the responsibility of analyzing your monthly invoices, which frees up your employees to do more important work.

There is no catch! If we don’t succeed in reducing your costs, you pay absolutely nothing! It’s completely risk-free! Our income is based solely on the actual savings we help you realize. Our reliable process helps our clients save lots of money each month, money that is presently being wasted!

On average, we can help companies save between 40 to 80% of all waste management and recycling related costs regardless of the company’s size or its field of activity. Our experienced analysts are trained to find ways to reduce your costs and save you money!

THERE ARE NO FEES! Our analysis, our report and our recommendations are completely free of charge! We base our income solely on the savings that come from our work. If we are unable to help you save money, you pay absolutely nothing. If we can find ways to help you save money, we share in the savings!

Almost all our clients have contracts with waste carriers. We try to work with our client’s existing service suppliers as much as possible, but we have the expertise to help them improve their services and reduce their waste management and recycling costs.

No, we’re not a waste carrier, a truck, container or compactor company, or an expensive landfill site. We are completely independent and we work for our clients exclusively. We are not in any way related to waste carriers.

S3R does what your company often cannot for lack of resources and time to reduce costs! We don your company colours and work in your best interest.

S3R analyzes your company’s needs and challenges and proposes the most economical cost-saving solutions that do not require any investment on the part of the client — if only the eventual sharing of demonstrated savings.



An advisor will contact you.

Call us: +1 (450) 314-4413
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